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If you were looking for help with database and data modeling, try the Database or Data Modeling Category.

Computer Game Guides

You can find these in the Game Guides section.

Code and Programming

Try the Resources section.

Search for Stuff

If none of the above was what you were looking for, you can search here:

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  1. Kristi   •  

    Thanks for your articles, I’ve been enjoying reading!

    FYI, on the “Sorry” page, the Database and Modeling links are broken … missing the “/category/” bit in the link, I figured out.


    • Thomas Kejser   •     Author

      Hi Kristi

      Thanks for reporting the problem. Quite ironic that the 404 page has a 404 itself. Now fixed. Much appreciate you taking the time to report it.

  2. Haziq   •  

    Sure, that seems fine. The plain Adjacency List design is good for cetrian types of queries, but bad for querying whole subtrees.FWIW, I have written applications that used the Closure Table alone, without the traditional Adjacency List, and it worked out fine.Another option if you need to query trees only from the root node (and not arbitrary internal subtrees), is to use a hybrid approach with Adjacency List (the parent_id column): add one more column “root_id” so every descendant knows its root ancestor. So querying a whole tree is as simple: SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE root_id = 1;

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